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By September 12, 2019Mindset

Earlier this week, as I was thinking of topics for my social media feed, I found myself hitting some roadblocks. Nothing was coming to mind. No inspiration, no ideas, not a single thought, was racing in my head. I seem to encounter this problem when I am not reading near enough, and it often forces me to open a book and start doing some brainstorming. I have mentioned on several occasions that reading for me is like exercising. I need it to function.

After searching page by page, through a book I purchased some time ago, I found my topic. This book isn’t an ordinary book, but it is a simple read. This one has writing prompts and is meant to serve as a journal. I have used it several times for inspiration, and this week it would serve as my tool. On Sunday, I asked the question to my viewers whether or not they want to be successful or happy in life.

What do you want? Do you want to be successful or happy?

I want both, but can we honestly have both? I want to think so. Until recently, I never really understood how the two could be tied together. Ask yourself. If you are successful, does it necessarily mean you are happy? Chances are if you are not successful, you are more than likely, not delighted, but if you are happy, wouldn’t you say that you are successful? I think the latter is true. I believe to be successful; one must be content.

This past week I connected with two separate ladies on two different occasions. One of those gals works at a thriving insurance agency. They opened their doors in May, and when I met with her last week, she mentioned that they had already hired nine employees. They have been in business just shy of four months, and they are rocking that agency. I was impressed and intrigued by their rapid success. The second lady I connected with revolved around her 80th birthday party. Although I met her some time ago in a networking group, we have remained in contact ever since. I attended that birthday party last Saturday and was amazed by how many people came out to celebrate this monumental event.

In my eyes, these ladies appear successful, not only because they are doing things right in life, and they both are successful businesswomen, but more importantly, because they are genuinely happy and happy for others. Yes, my 80-year-old friend is an entrepreneur. She is amazing!

Both of them celebrate the people around them. The insurance lady told me she created this team within her agency to build camaraderie. The day we met for lunch, she mentioned to me how she owed a gal lunch for achieving a goal. My recently turned 80-year-old friend had a fantastic group of supportive friends and family attend her party. I could see the bond between her and some of her long-time friends that I later said reminded me of the Golden Girls. They have this fantastic, joyful spirit about them as if they have been celebrating each other for years.

I have spoken to both of the ladies at length about their lives. Both of them have dealt with adversity on some level, and some of that adversity is reasonably significant. However, the one thing they share in common despite their different backgrounds, demographics, career, and age, is their ability to think about possibilities and have a great attitude living out their life. They can recognize the silver lining and therefore expect to win. There can delight in other’s victories and praise others. It’s as though they are creating their life, helping others in the process, and they are happy doing it. It’s a perfect combination.

This subject leads to my final thoughts about what you put into the universe. I have often said that wherever you focus your energy, whether positive or negative, is precisely the type of energy you will receive. If you are always looking for negative results in a situation, you will find negative consequences. Isn’t funny how some people can find a flaw with everything? The opposite is exact for the person that can recognize the silver lining. It doesn’t mean you always look through rose-colored glasses. It merely means you chose to find the win in the situation. What can be learned? What can be taught? What can we share with others from our adversity? These are the silver linings.

When you put positive vibes out there, you raise your frequency. Similar energy attracts like energy. If you don’t believe me, try going on a date where the conversation doesn’t flow. You will be reminded quickly. My point is this; if you expect great things to happen, great things will happen. You will consciously and subconsciously do behaviors that support your thoughts. You will have people and opportunities present themselves, but it will be a result of your outlook. Therefore, if you want to win at your race, you must guard your vision and expect to win that race. Put all of your positive energy into that and let go of the negative. All of a sudden, you will begin to notice small changes occurring.

Maybe you have this goal to run a marathon. You are not entirely sure how you are going to make it happen, but you have the vision in your head of you crossing that finish line. So all of a sudden you get up a tad earlier, and it adds an extra 30 minutes to your day. You can get your work out in. So you feel better. You start making that getting up a tad earlier a habit and you put in more mileage. You are feeling great. Your distance is increasing, and you are building your confidence. So one day you say hi to someone. That someone goes home and treats their spouse a little more positively. That results in a conversation about them going to a counselor. Their marriage is saved. You complete the race, and you helped change a life. In return, your life is changed. That result, my friends is a success!

They win! You win!

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