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October 2019

The Afterthoughts of the Book

By | Mindset | 40 Comments

It’s been eleven days since my book Beat the Toughest Obstacles hit the Amazon site. That Monday, I remember being excited and proud that I was about to wrap that project up. This piece would be the tool that would allow me to share my story and inspire others. It would also be the project that I couldn’t wait to see finished because I was exhausted. I spent weeks up late at night, making corrections, and I was tired of those evenings sitting at my computer.

As I hit the publish button, I felt this massive sense of relief. Yes, I did write that book, and I did see it through to the finish. There were many days I wanted to throw in the towel and let it go. More edits, more clarification, and more reading tired me out. But I finished, and that meant I now could move on to other endeavors. Yes!!

Isn’t it true that we start a challenge, we get excited, we hit a wall, and then we have to decide what to do. Do we give up, or do we go all in and do whatever it takes to finish? Do we stop at mile 22 in a marathon when we have 4.2 miles to go, or do we toughen up and run those last 4.2 miles and finish? Do we start that project, and in the middle when the first obstacle makes an appearance, let our vision go, or do we put the blinders on and pursue the dream?

I think it all comes down to what it’s important to us and having all or nothing attitude?

If we have a big enough reason to do something, we are more inclined to follow through. If our why is not all that important to us, then we might be less motivated to see something through to the end. Having a purpose or passion can fuel someone’s fire to start a project and holding on tight to that why will be the motivator to see a goal finished.

Knowing we are going to have challenges, and accepting them also allows us to stay the course. For example, if we make a decision to start working out and we recognize that there are going to be days we don’t feel like doing the workout, then it’s no surprise when we encounter one of those days. We know it’s part of the journey, and so we put our big kid pants on, and we work out anyway. We decide to do the thing we have to do despite the challenges that we face before we start the endeavor.

It’s no different for any challenge. For me, getting a crystal clear vision of what I want or I want to accomplish is essential. It helps me get through those rough patches when I am close to giving up. When I stay focused on my purpose somehow, the how manifests itself. I don’t always know how things are going to unfold. Rarely do I know how anything is going to play out. I stay focused on the big picture. Somehow people show up at the right time, and events take place when they are supposed to.

My book was therapeutic for me; more importantly, I put it together because I wanted to inspire others to do big things. I hoped to motivate people to be bolder in their activities, and I wanted to show people that our conditions don’t define us. They make us stronger and more determined to do amazing things. I wanted to share the tools I used to help me get through some rough patches in my life, precisely a nerve condition that ruined my health, well-being, money, vocation, and relationships for the better part of four years. This book had more than one why for me and that’s what kept me going.

I hope that you can find that big why that makes your heart pound with excitement. It’s in the dreaming that you will find your purpose, and when you have that, you can conquer any obstacle that comes your way as long as you are prepared to weather through the challenges. Pair your vision with an I can do attitude, and you will be a winning machine.

You got this!