When an Affirmation Comes True

By February 4, 2021Mindset

While in a coaching session with a client back in October of 2019, I stumbled on an old affirmation written in January of 2018. January of that year was not necessarily the beginning of my exploration into personal development, but it was a defining moment. It was then I decided that I needed to make some significant changes. I hated my life. Sure my kids were successful, I survived a rare nerve disease, became an avid runner, health-conscious person, and successfully built teams in organizations, but I struggled to find happiness in my life. Little did I know at the time, nor did I believe that this affirmation I wrote would be anything more than a few statements written on a piece of paper.

Imagine my surprise when I found this piece of paper, and I am right smack in the middle of teaching the importance of affirmations and positive self-talk to a client. Many might say that affirmations are all hogwash or it’s purely coincidental that they ever come true, but I beg to differ. You see, whatever we tend to focus on, we support. Our subconscious mind does what we believe to be true. So if we get up in the morning and say we are tired, chances are, we will be tired all day long. Have you ever been tired but you are so excited about something that you don’t have time to be tired? I think you get my point. We support that which we believe about ourselves. None the less I was excited to see that paper. Why might you ask? Because three of five items I had written on that paper had come true.

There was no real magic in how I made those items on that list come true, but I will say to you that I combined that affirmation with several daily habits. I did things to increase my self-confidence and abundant thinking. I still engage in these same techniques daily, and I teach my clients them as well. More importantly, I hated where I was enough to want to improve, so I didn’t see an alternative. I read that affirmation daily, sometimes multiple times a day, until I had it memorized. I didn’t always appreciate making the time to do it, but I now know it was worth it.

So when are you looking at that big picture; you know the one where you have this great career or this beautiful beach house, or maybe it’s this idea of what your family looks like, consider creating an affirmation. Ask yourself if you could be, do, or have anything and nothing was stopping you; what would that look like for you? Take the “hows” out of the conversation. We don’t have to know all that right now. I would suggest writing the affirmation down, put it where you will see it, and recite it daily. It has to get you fired up so much that when you read it, you feel like you could scream or maybe do a cartwheel. You decide.

I found this easy but noteworthy article on how to write an affirmation. You can access it here. Give it a try and see what you think. If you need a little reassurance that the colossal goal you have insight is worth fighting for, you might read my earlier blog, “My Life, My Career, My Happiness.” 

By the way, you might be asking what those affirmations that I wrote down that came true were. My book is published; I am a speaker, a podcast creator, a host, and have a growing coaching practice. I feel like my work in self-care paid off. But it doesn’t stop here because life is a journey, and every day, we have an opportunity to improve and write another affirmation. So I continue…..


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