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April 2021

My Workouts Are Nonnegotiable

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It’s been a hectic week

I took on some extra work projects, some of which tested me and forced me to step out of my comfort zone. Yes, believe that. There are still things that make me uncomfortable sometimes, and because of this, I have spent a few days negotiating whether I had enough time in my day to squeeze in exercise. The head war has been intense. Have you been there? Of course, you have been there. I always come back to the same conclusion, though; my workouts are nonnegotiable. So I lace up my shoes, and I hit the street for a run.

The Negotiation

When we are busy, the first we start negotiating and often let go of is self-care, including exercise. Let’s face it; we are all consumed with our schedules. Life gets in the way. We have families, and jobs, and other commitments that take up our time. Taking care of us doesn’t always seem feasible, but what I know is that my workouts help me stay sane in a crazy world. Yes, there is the science that falls behind it as it relates to buzz words like endorphins. We know exercise releases those and makes us feel better, and if you want a bit more science behind it, check out “How Your Mental Health Reaps the Benefits of Exercise.” But there is more to it than that.

The Seven Habits

More importantly, activity is one of seven habits I encourage people to do to change their lives at the very least to get physically healthy. I say one of seven habits because improving one’s life requires a series of healthy habits, and it is an ongoing process of following through on them. I happen to pin down seven that I believe are instrumental in helping you create real change. They have served me well, and I continue to practice them. Nonetheless, Much like you brush your teeth, you should approach these healthy habits, and in this case, physical activity, in the same manner. It should be part of your routine. It’s that important.

Happiness Lies on the Other Side

So what if I told you that your happiness lies on the other side of your personal growth? Sure, you have heard this but have you given it much thought? I am talking about improving your work, relationships, etc. We often get hung up on existential things. Once I find the right partner, I will be happier. If I get a better job, I will be satisfied. Let’s buy a new car or bigger house, and I will be more pleased. The reality is, no existential thing can make you happy long term if you are not satisfied with yourself—personal growth or self-care, whatever you want to call it, is key to your success and your happiness. Exercise is a piece of that puzzle.

The Solution is Quite Simple

What isn’t easy is knowing the precise moment when you recognize that you are in control of your happiness. Simple means you know what to do, and you do it. Complicated refers to the timeline by which we notice the change in our lives. So how does one know? I think it looks something like this, though. You wake up excited for the day. Why? Because you don’t know who is going to change your life or whose life you might change. You wake up and realize that every experience is an opportunity to gain some knowledge. Even though you lack the enthusiasm to exercise, you know that you are becoming a better human being and can do it. You understand that this is only one small piece of the personal development puzzle you need to do but start anyway. Lastly, you recognize that by becoming a better human being, you are better for all humankind.

My Workouts Are Nonnegotiable

Taking care of yourself is nonnegotiable, and unless you have a medical condition that keeps you from physical activity, exercise should be as well. Your success and your happiness come from within you and are dependent on you continually improving. Start small, be consistent, but start, and if you want to learn more about those other habits, keep following alongside me. You might pick up a few more tips on healthy lifestyle changes. And remember, exercise is nonnegotiable. My workouts are nonnegotiable.