Is Chasing Balance Relevant?

By January 10, 2022Mindset

Once upon a time, my children were young.

Yes, I was one of those moms wearing many hats. I joined the PTA. I became the field trip mom, sometimes visiting the exact location multiplies times within the same week. I was a homeroom mom and would often assist with the holiday parties. I filled the role as a girl scout troop leader for my oldest during her early school years, and we carried that out until she graduated. I did all these things with no regrets and because I wanted to be involved in my kids’ lives. But as we all know, those were not my only roles, and because our lives were busy, I found myself struggling. This blog is about my revelation while chasing balance.

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention that my husband equally shares responsibility when it comes to parental duties, and it was no different then, but naturally, I was around the kids more often. As a result, my schedule often involved driving them to and from activities while actively running a home-based business around their schedules.

I wanted my children to have the best experiences in life, and I also wanted to be a part of those experiences. Often that meant we encountered multiples stops in one day, and as I mentioned in my book “Beat the Toughest Obstacles,” because of our schedules, we found ourselves in the fast-food lanes many days. There was little balance in our lives, and as a result, my health became compromised.

The knock on the door

As time went on, the kids grew, I grew, life evolved, and so did my priorities. But that didn’t mean we somehow found balance in our lives. In fact, we were far from it. In 2012 I was diagnosed with a rare nerve condition that turned my life upside down, but not only that, it became the starting point of a new journey in which I moved from chasing balance to chasing harmony.

Balance doesn’t exist

As much as I planned, there were never equal parts in the time I spent in my business. There was never balance in the amount of time I spent with my kids because, let’s face it, some days, they needed more from me than they did on other days. Sometimes my business required more of my attention. As much as I wanted to have balance, it didn’t exist, and it kept me frustrated in a rat race to get all the things done. How could I spend equal time with my kids and run this massive organization with my business while also keeping my health a priority?

A few years into my development journey, I realized many things. It was not an overnight realization, but one that allowed me to prioritize without having guilt and self-doubt. One that allowed having a sense of freedom and success. That realization was that while the balance was unachievable in my life, finding harmony was not only achievable but could bring happiness and calm to my world. With that, I set out on my journey to find the peace I so craved.

You are probably wondering what I did. There is no easy road on this life journey, as you can imagine. There is no simple one-step formula to finding harmony, but there are things you can do daily to help you discover it. If you want to learn more about tips to help you move from chasing balance to harmony, check out my article “Six Steps Needed to Put Harmony Into Action.


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